Reasons to adapt Vehicle Tracking System for Improved Fleet Safety

March 29, 2016

Reasons to adapt Vehicle Tracking System for Improved Fleet Safety

Driver and fleet safety has become crucial for many businesses with vehicles in the field.

According to a recent study,

  • Unsafe driving can lead to crashes that not only risk the lives of employees, it can end up costing companies with huge expenses
  • Vehicle crashes cost employers approximately $60 billion across the globe for legal expenses, property damage,medical care and lost productivity

Running a fleet is a risky business in today’s fast moving environment,safety is what matters the most in every management organization. For Example: if the fleet vehicle has brand name stamped on the side, poor driver behavior, harsh braking, vehicle idling can lead to a damaged reputation and lost business with un satisfied customers.

Fleet owners and business managers can protect their employees and vehicles by opting GPS fleet tracking solutions,using a GPS fleet tracking solution fleet managers can monitor and reduce aggressive driving behaviors such as harsh braking,rapid acceleration, speeding and sudden cornering this automatically improves the safety of fleet.

Here are the few ways that a GPS fleet tracking system can help improve safety:

  • Notifying management instantly during long stops that could signify drivers are in danger
  • Ensuring vehicles and equipment are safe to operate by receiving automated maintenance reminders
  • Turn-by-turn direction notification assist drivers to have an eye on the route and mind focused on the road
  • Send alerts on unsafe driver behaviors such as speeding frequent and abrupt braking etc.,
  • Reminds when it’s time to take vehicles for a check-up and what has to be checked
  • Automated report generation and alerts provide the required data to improve driver behavior and reduce risk.
  • Being able to monitor real-time fleet activity leads to potential savings on insurance costs
  • GPS tracking systems with enhanced mapping technology help dispatchers provide drivers a better routing instructions and get them safely to the next job site

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