Top reasons to prove vehicle tracking solutions are best for fleet maintenance

March 09, 2016

Top reasons to prove vehicle tracking solutions are best for fleet maintenance

Managing maintenance manuallyin this emerging market is typically been a time-consuming process for organizations with fleets. Beyond this it will be an unnecessary work for employees by manually checking odometers and monitoringlogging services and run time that often results in important maintenance schedules have being overlooked but it will be a dangerous and expensive mistake.

With GPS vehicle tracking system in place vehicle maintenance schedules will be automated and ensures all services are up to date and this will be yet simpler and cost-effective method for fleet maintenance.

Not only the system is cost-effective but also it has multiple advantages in fleet maintenance. Here we @ Trinetra have listed the top reasons to prove Vehicle tracking solutions are best for fleet maintenance

  • Vehicles that receive regular maintenance updates run more efficiently and consume less fuel than neglected vehicles.
  • GPS fleet tracking system ensure vehicles receive proper maintenance.
  • Alerts will be set for each vehicle based on, engine on-time, calendar time or mileage depending on the type of service needed.
  • For every maintenance schedulenotification will be sent via email to the fleet owners to have properly maintained vehicle in the long run.
  • Vehicle maintenance program can also reduce the chance of vehicles malfunctioning on the roadways and causing serious accidents.
  • Properly maintained vehicles help save assets by keeping vehicles on the road to do more business, costing less money in repairs over time.

Make your maintenance schedules automated and be worry free, Get to know more in detail reach us @ we offer you the best solution with Trinetra.

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