Reasons to have clusters in maps

April 11, 2015

Reasons to have clusters in maps

GPS vehicle tracking devices are invaluable for monitoring every fleet vehicle. A real-time tracking device gives every instant updates via text or email alerts. It will be the right choice to know about driving behavior, speeding, vehicle location, etc., provides answers to every query and sends detailed reports on fleets travel.

As GPS technology advances business goals has been transforming to a new dimension with necessary solutions to keep tracking ahead. Continuous development towards new technology will alert to upgrades and industry developments that can further improve tracking needs.

To get detailed and instant updates about vehicles location and much more maps are significant. Digital Mapping technology is effective across border support which enables highly detailed visual location updates to monitor all areas, from real-time traffic to driver safety.

Here are just a few key features of digital map features that make them unique and worth exploring:

  • Sends instant alerts with traffic reports within pre-defined geo zones
  • Emphasizes on accurate Route plan
  • Zoom in and out of maps will improve readability

For single vehicle tracking all the above discussed will be applicable but for many number of fleet vehicles in a same location marking the exact location of every single vehicle in map will not be possible and it might be little confusing. To reduce these complications, GPS tracking systems have integrated clustering feature in maps. With markers clustering users can identify the number of vehicles in a particular location. This clustering feature will be very useful especially for organizations wherein a number of vehicles maybe concentrated within a small perimeter / particular location. The number of vehicles in same location will be clustered and represented as markers depicting the vehicle count available for each location, this integration in maps will be useful for easy identification of vehicles location.

Clusters in maps collect markers into different clusters and displays the number of markers in each cluster with a label, and creates new clusters as the map zoom level changes. Clustering algorithm is simple; for each new marker it adds to a pre-existing cluster, or it creates a new cluster if the marker doesn’t lie within the bounds of any current cluster. Clusters now has changed the tracking yet simpler and it is specially tailored for easy understanding.

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