Ways to Automate Vehicle Maintenance

April 23, 2015

Ways to Automate Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance is the key factor that leads for a happy journey and a long life of vehicle. A well maintained vehicle would never desert when that is needed for the most.
Many organizations with large fleet of vehicles are now adopting GPS tracking technology to streamline their fleet operations. One of the ways that businesses utilize GPS tracking is to get better control of fleet maintenance.

GPS tracking with automated maintenance feature will ensure accuracy, improve safety, save time, maximizes the life cycle of vehicles and equipments. Automated GPS eliminates manual processes for managing maintenance; and improvises the overall of fleet productivity.

Managing and monitoring overall vehicle maintenance has typically been a manual process but that has been considered as time-consuming process. Manually checking odometers, run time and logging services often results in important for proper vehicle maintenance. GPS tracking to automate maintenance, ensure services which are up to date and provides appropriate schedule for all maintenance and sends periodical reminders to fleet managers and drivers when their vehicle or equipment are due for services.

Automated maintenance reminders ensure tire rotations, emissions testing; oil changes and much other type of preventative services. Scheduled service reports will be sent for fleet managers to view on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These reports include upcoming and overdue services so fleet managers can make sure all maintenance is current.

Automated vehicle maintenance provides fleet managers with hands-free reminder of vehicle maintenance schedules and maintenance events. Automatic email alerts leaves upcoming items needing service, and service reports for fleet managers.

Benefits of having automated vehicle maintenance process

  • Profile schedules for oil changes, inspections, tires, etc.
  • Easy tracking and recording of vehicle maintenance expenses for planning & budgeting
  • Total Engine operating time and vehicle odometer synced within GPS devices allows fleet managers to determine longevity of the vehicles.
  • Helps to avoid unforeseen repairs.
  • Consistently maintains a healthy fleet.
  • Eliminates the guesswork out of fleet maintenance operations.

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