Smart Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Software

Nov 15, 2021

Smart Electric Fleet Management System

Governments, organizations and scientists all over the world have agreed upon the impact of climate change and the need to take serious action. As we witness increasing dangerous weather events, rising water levels, record rise in global temperatures, the need of the hour is for joint climate action. Therefore, the perspectives of fleet operators are beginning to change. They have relied on the ICE powered vehicles as their principle source of hauling power for a century. Now fleet operators and transporters are looking at the impact on the environment by these vehicles, but realize also that being green can also be profitable.

Cost effective Electric Vehicle deployment is leading the change.

Over the last few decades, the transportation industry has been working to reduce the environmental impact of its vehicles, particularly with battery powered EVs which are becoming cost-effective over the years. The stage is set for EV fleets owing to governmental emission mandates, public demand for zero-emission tech and funding initiatives. Many fleet operators are preferring to electrify their fleets for more than just meeting emission norms. They have made their own sustainability goals guided by social responsibility and/or financial incentives. The electric vehicle typically has a lower total cost of ownership owing to the lower cost of electricity and reduced maintenance costs. With the help of EV Fleet Management software, fleet operators can easily manage their electric vehicle fleets, monitor the health and performance of their EVs and optimize their operations for better efficiency and profitability.

Optimizing operations with telematics

Having incorporated EVs into your fleet. The way to unlock benefits is to view and review the data from telematics enabled software (FMS application). Fleet managers get data driven insight to help them optimise routes, vehicle utilisation and ensure the most miles covered between charges. Maximise the efficiency of your fleet with similar techniques for your battery powered EVs. Use the same software, like the one supplied and customised by Trinetra, to manage both electric and ICE powered vehicles. Using the same platform, you can streamline the entire process. Establish best practices for driving habits and charging, to improve range in miles and the battery health.

Build sustainable fleets

Clean fuel technology is being used to bring in the state of sustainability. For your fleet vehicles duty cycles currently EVs have better range capacity and lower operational cost over the service life time. Electric vehicles in market are now offered in new classes, such as medium duty, pick-ups, etc. So, equipped with the relevant data and tools, fleet managers will be able to pick the right vehicle for the right job and seamlessly integrate them with the rest of the fleet.

Telematics play a key role in fleet management to control fuel and energy consumption for all types of vehicles and EVs too. Benefits of fuel efficiency and reduction improves operations, safety and maintenance. Trinetra Wireless’ GPS enabled platform integrates telematics devices to retrieve data from vehicles in a large scale and monitor all aspects of the vehicles.  This helps decision making and to develop a good sustainability strategy. As the transportation sector grows it also leaves a carbon footprint. Therefore, fleet owners should take steps now to adopt sustainable alternatives which can save money in the long run and keep them ahead of the sustainability movement.


Trinetra Wireless offers a customisable fleet management software using telematics technology & Data Analytics. It can be integrated with other systems used in your fleet business and can generate, process and analyse the data, to turn it into valuable and insightful information to fleet managers. The right FMS software will effectively address inefficiencies and identify non-compliance and other discrepancies quickly to enable strategic decision making and corrective action for problem solving and improving your ROI.

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