Digitize your fleet maintenance and driver communication for better ROI

Nov 09, 2021

Digital fleet management software solutions

Commercial vehicles industry has focused on new technology adoption which has been the driving force for change. However, technology adoption has proven to help optimise operations and performance, reduce costs and expenses. So, there are technologies that need to be incorporated in a fleet’s organisation that go beyond just vehicle specification which can impact the way vehicles and drivers interact with each other. The adoption of digital Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) is such an example.

Inspection Reports in Digital Format

For a Driver to fill out DVIR is customary. But transferring it into a digital format with some customisation and flexibility establishes an electronic DVIR (eDVIR) system. There are some specific items required by the Department of Transport in many instances and others required by the vehicle owner or fleet operator. Fleet management software offer a standard template and customisable reports as in the case of electric vehicles (EVs) inspection. This is because EVS are getting inducted into the fleet and a mixed fleet has to be managed in the coming years.

Different types of DVIRs are made for different types of vehicles. Customising the report for info according to a fleet’s need is one part. But having to determine the level of severity on a report is another level of customisation that prioritises action for maintenance.

Information and Communication

By digitising DVIRs the information generated is communicated to various departments of the organisation. The dissemination of information or data when received is assimilated and acted upon by the respective departments. The information comes in the form of insightful reports, real-time notifications, prioritised alerts and customised reporting configurations.

This information or data is transmitted to the concerned stakeholders across the fleet operating company. This is how repairs are undertaken by the technician and the driver confirms that the repairs are completed. This data gets stored in the maintence reports which are used for further analysis and action. Proactive and preventive maintenance leads to cost savings and longer vehicle life span. Proactive management instead of reactive management leads to better efficiencies and improved safety. Communication is the key to sharing data or information gathered in eDVIRs that organisations can use to expedite the sharing of critical maintenance data. Notifications can include timestamps, location data, defect details and much more.

Data Integration & Access

Digitalised Inspection Reports (DVIRs) help the dissemination of information to others in the organisation beyond the driver, when the report enters the system. How this data is transferred and then is accessible varies with customisation done by the FMS software provider. The package includes user interfaces, web portals and even mobile apps that are integrated to provide a holistic view of the assets and specific fleet vehicles with their status.

Different styles and types of integration are possible today, but normally with the API format in place, data gets into a website using GPS, Cellular networks and/or satellite connectivity as per the provider’s FMS solution and the telematics provider. The software provides a dashboard which is a centralised access point for reporting and data sharing. The solution offers drivers, fleet-owners, managers, dispatchers, safety managers and mechanics access to a platform that unifies the fleet management strategy. The FMS software has a dashboard that offers data management and access in various formats to accommodate all types of end-users of different positions with their specific needs.

Not only is the speed of communication is boosted, but the inspection process is also. The system ultimately puts the drivers on the road faster which impacts business positively with on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. The software improves the entire operation, reducing time, improving efficiency and reducing errors. The solution can use the data generated to present predictive analytics that maintenance managers will cherish. The Fleet Management Software will surely improve the ROI of the business in the long term.

Trinetra Wireless offers a customisable fleet management software which can be integrated with the other systems used in your business. Using  telematics technology and Data Analytics the system can generate, process and analyse the data, to turn it into valuable and insightful information to the managers especially to maintenance mangers. The right FMS software to effectively address inefficiencies and identify non-compliance and other discrepancies quickly for you . It enables you to take strategic decisions and corrective action for problem solving and improve your ROI.

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