Trinetra comes with GPS installation certification, especially suitable for school and education sector

Apr 09, 2019


In our modern world several technologies and its upgrades have not only offered advantages like reducing equipment costs, but also provided accurate real-time data, automation and many such benefits. However, there are some disadvantages, especially like the risk we see in data security.

Telematics aids education sector

On the other hand, the school and education sector too has really benefited from the advances of telematics. The sector uses the GPS tracking device to monitor their school buses deployed on-field. The sector is primarily focused on the safety of the students using the buses. The education sector utilises high-quality devices that satisfy the standard procedures.

GPS installation certified

We offer the GPS device with an installation certification, that helps us stand out of from other GPS service providers. As Trinetra is an original equipment manufacturer of GPS devices any future technology upgrades or modifications, can be easily incorporated. School buses equipped with the GPS device can be monitored in real time with the help of the Fleet Management System of Trinetra.

System can be supported by a mobile app.

The monitoring system (FMS) can be further supported with a mobile application, which is enabled with alerts and notifications. Both administrators and parents will find it pretty useful to communicate. The alerts and notifications are sent to a handy mobile device which is easy to use by both staff and parents. The alerts can be instantly sent in case of issues/emergencies.

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