Reduce idling, increase efficiencies, to improve your fleet business ROI

May 15, 2019

When it comes to fleet management, the best ones come with the GPS tracking technology to offer you all the insights you need that give you up-to-date details of your fleet, with the help of a dedicated software. The details derived from data reveal that reducing idling that creates more benefits and other details help to identify and optimise many areas of the fleet operations.

The fleet management software that Trinetra Wireless offers has an improved SMS and push notification triggering system, which has helped to optimise many areas of the fleet management and is focused to increase efficiency, reduce running costs and improve overall profitability. The software helps in Fleet Maintenance which helps to reduce downtime of vehicles and extends the life span. This also translates into better ROI for businesses.

The sync between operators and drivers is key in this transport operations. Idling of vehicles proves to be a highly non-productive activity, creating concerns of fuel wastage, air and noise pollution and unnecessary wear and tear of the engine. Heavy trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles are the highest fuel consumers, which has been widely observed. This ultimately increases fuel costs, maintenance costs and waste of time to the company’s operations.

The software generates various types of data, offering different insights to the fleet operator. Trinetra’s software helps in better routing, planning stops and thus saves fuel and time for operators. This also contribute to better fleet utilisation. Some of it go in for better managing of drivers. The monitoring system tracks a number of parameters that go into judging driver skills. Dashboard cameras can be integral into the system, which helps in the fleet manager’s driver training process and for targeted feedback from their workforce. Hard braking, hard acceleration, over speeding, hard cornering are factors that can be monitored. The monitoring and data generated goes to aiding informed decisions.

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