Vehicle Tracking System to Get Rid of Leasing Vehicle Worries

June 15, 2016

Vehicle Tracking System to Get Rid of Leasing Vehicle Worries

Businesses that rely on fleet trucks to provide products and services to their clients will experience tangible financial benefits with GPS tracking system. Vehicle tracking is now becoming a vital part in fleet management, as it gives fleet owners the opportunity to track and monitor their fleet vehicles at any point of time along with value added features like braking, vehicle idling, driver behavior monitoring and much more.
Do all the fleet owners are worry free?? No!! There are still some industries having worries about their fleet vehicles. In this, fleet leasing industry takes a significant part and fleet managers are much worried about their leased vehicles.
As we are into the digital age, fleet owners need to be updated and now it’s the time for a change. Vehicle tracking system has a crucial role in helping fleet managers to keep them notified with fleet activities. Fleet leasing owners without difficulty, now can monitor their vehicles, maintenance reports, fuel usage, Tyre conditions and much more on their fingertips…
This solution helps them to feel that their vehicles are not out of their sight. Also if any maintenance is needed respective stake holders will be notified and vehicle can be taken care before something happens.
Vehicle tracking system is really a boon for fleet leasing owners, so that they can increase their vehicle lifetime with timely precautions. To justify these recent statistics shows that, fleet managers gained

  • 14% improvement in vehicle utilization
  • 12% reduction in maintenance costs
  • 13% increase in overall service profitability
  • 27% improvement in driver compliance

Still worrying about your vehicles?? Stop worrying it’s time for a change. Be a successful fleet leasing provider with vehicle tracking system. To enquire more about vehicle tracking feel free to Contact us. “Trinetra will be your best Fleet management partner”.

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