Why to have mobile apps for vehicle tracking

May 26, 2016

Why to have mobile apps for vehicle tracking

Latest and Trending technologies has been introduced to diverse industries and they were started utilizing these benefits to improve their quality of service, mobile apps now take a vital part and help business owners to serve their worldwide customers on the go. The recent trend of using mobile applications in businesses greatly heightened the business ROI. Likewise, Fleet management industry has a crucial part in utilizing the benefits of Mobile apps.

Mobile apps for vehicle tracking makes the tracking process simpler and help fleet managers to get the most out of it. A recent statistic shows that, with mobile apps for fleet management and vehicle tracking system achieved below given benefits

  • 15 % service profitability will we increased
  • 14.8% reduces the average travel time per job
  • 9.9 % decrease in overtime pay
  • 13.2 % reduction in fuel costs

As we could see many fleet owners are on the move, it is significant that the fleet tracking companies should have a mobile app for their vehicle tracking and fleet management to instantly track and manage their fleets.

Here are some reasons that proves Mobile apps are crucial for Vehicle tracking

  • Track fleets’ whereabouts and stop times
  • Digital Maps to exhibit the movement of the vehicles / assets
  • Smart dashboard to analyze the key aspects
  • Monitor fleet driver behavior
  • Entire history of fleets
  • Instant alerts and notifications.
  • Vehicles location and current status on the go
  • Track vehicles in real-time
  • Send alerts when vehicle idles and enters/exists the pre-defined locations
  • Monitor closest vehicles and assign tasks for the specified address
  • Get directions to/from vehicles

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