Why GPS Enabled Tracking System for sand mining?

September 26, 2016

Why GPS Enabled Tracking System for sand mining1

The mining sector is becoming challenging today due to lacking of transparency in operation, transportation, Illegal transport and the ecological constraints. The potential of sand mining with its capital and resource generation is not exactly realised due to several bottlenecks. These loopholes make way for restricted zone mining, pilferage during transportation and the violation of several norms as well.

GPS vehicle tracking system helps sand mining industries to track the real time position of the vehicle involved in the sand Mining activity. GPS enabled Vehicle tracking system helps in monitoring and tracking sand mining vehicles to help sort the above loopholes. This gives business owners the transparency and efficiency in sand mining. Vehicle tracking system help business managers to explain their drivers why the system is being proposed, how it works, what will be its benefits etc., This gives a massive impact to workforce, and help businesses from theft, unauthorised usage, unauthorized zone entry, speeding will be detected to avoid payment of penalties.

Listed are the advantages that a Sand mining industry can acquire from GPS Tracking system:

  • Geo-fencing and monitoring of sand availability and safety measures
  • Real-time monitoring of the trucks from stockyard to customer
  • Multiple vehicle monitoring, vehicle status, driver details, etc.
  • Speed reports, Geo zone alerts etc.,
  • Notifications on unauthorized trips, safe sand excavation, restrictive hours, crossed border, etc.
  • Reports on:  Travelled history analysis, vehicle maintenance, OBD etc.,
  • Records the entry-exit details of the vehicle using RFID integration

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