Efficient Fuel Management with GPS Tracking system

September 08, 2016

Efficient Fuel Management with GPS Tracking system1

We are now in the age where energy became an absolute necessity to maintain day-to-day activities beyond the basics of providing comfort and convenience. Fuel is possibly the priciest expenditures a fleet-based organization encounters.

“A recent survey says that-Engine idling wastes more than six billion gallons of fuel, which translates to over $20 billion each year”

Fuel cannot be obtained easily; it’s also tedious to get and save these valuable forms of energy. So managing fuels has become much crucial for many business organizations, notably organizations employed with fleet vehicles. To comprehend, managing fuels is crucial but how that can be made possible in today’s emerging markets? Is there any solution to manage the fuel consumption? Are you a business owner? Ever worried about your vehicles and its fuel consumption?

Now it’s the time, no more worries on fuel management. As our technology is advancing day-by-day there comes a solution for every business need, to manage vehicles, fuel usage, vehicle maintenance etc., the one stop solution is GPS vehicle tracking system.

Fleet tracking system can increase truck fuel efficiency and helps in identifying the ways for fleet improvement. Once you know where fuel is slipping through the cracks, you can take steps to reduce your fuel usage.

Here are the advantages that an organization can gain with Vehicle tracking system

  • Optimised Routing and navigation
  • Avoid Hard braking / Speeding alerts
  • Excessive over-revving
  • Facilitate Automated Manpower Logs
  • Scheduled Maintenance Alert
  • Extensive Data Reporting
  • Fleet Safety and Security
  • Decrease idle times
  • Improve routing and dispatching
  • Properly maintain vehicles
  • Integration with fuel cards

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