Why Should You Consider Trinetra for Construction Company

February 25, 2014

Why Should You Consider Trinetra for Construction Company1

In today’s competitive scenario, companies operating in the construction sector are aware that any variation or theft of valuable heavy equipments can cause severe consequence on the company’s economic status and considerably interrupt the work progress on huge dollar projects. In-order to avoid such major loss and overcome day-to-day challenges, GPS vehicle tracking solution is much more than just mapping and tracking vehicles with real-time information about the construction vehicles on the work site helps to cut operation costs and maximize ROI.

GPS Vehicle tracking solution is helpful for almost any type of businesses that manage fleets, now let’s take a look on: how Trinetra’s vehicle tracking solution can be beneficial particularly for the construction industry to increase effectiveness, production and enhance the safety of employees, vehicles, and expensive construction assets?

  • Improves productivity with the accurate reports on vehicle start and stop times/destinations, engine run time, excessive idling, fuel consumption, etc
  • Maximize the utilization of vehicles
  • Reduce unauthorized usage of vehicles which cuts expenses on miles driven and eventually reduces dangerous risks
  • Efficient On and off-road tracking of construction vehicles
  • Streamlines paper works, reports and vehicle maintenance
  • Improve driver’s behavior & overall fleet safety
  • Cut labor costs and overtime hours
  • Prevents high value vehicle theft and helps in faster theft recovery
  • Better utilization of recourse and enhances customer service
  • Develops company image on the go
  • Reduces vehicle wear and tear with prompt maintenance schedules
  • Making smarter business decisions with real time data
  • Higher discounts on insurance premiums

So which of the above mentioned benefits do you think as most essential for your construction fleets?

If you possess or manage a construction fleets/companies, then talk to Trinetra’s business specialists about improving your fleet business with vehicle tracking solutions. We’re here to help you with customized solutions based on your specific needs. Request a quote today to get started.

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