Large Cab Fleet Operator’s SMR issue resolved

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Solution : Fleet Maintenance

Oct 16, 2018


The client owns 250+ rental vehicles and has gained a reputation in the cab industry. The cab operator from the corporate office in Bangalore serves its clients in remote areas utilizing this fleet of cab vehicles.

Business Requirement

The client, who operates many cab vehicles in remote areas for customers, faced the challenge of monitoring the maintenance activities of these vehicles, to realize best performance and utilization of this cab fleet. The client needed a productive fleet management & maintenance solution for efficiently managing and monitoring the fleet of vehicles and to sharply reduce huge maintenance costs preventively.

Solution Provided

Trinetra’s rental vehicle monitoring solution with fleet maintenance that provided real-time vehicle updates, focused on reducing the high maintenance and repair (SMRC) costs, that go to influence the compilation of total cost of ownership. It let the company set reminders for scheduling service as required for each cab, identifying vehicle utilization too. Cost and repairs were dramatically reduced by timely maintenance.

The fleet maintenance software categorized vehicles based on location priority and other factors. There is a separate user allocated for each category to manage and monitor the fleet, to save time and costs of operations. The GPS enabled solution makes overseeing the fleet economical, with live, current updates, offering high safety and real-time alerts.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Monitoring the cabs in remote areas effectively
  • Comprehensive fleet maintenance
  • Seamless track record on adhoc services
  • Increased vehicle performance
  • Decreased overtime costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Recurring reminders to do regular maintenance.
  • Better visibility between various stakeholders

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