Trinetra’s solution to the motor insurance company to thwart false claims.

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Solution : Fleet Management

Jul 16, 2019


The client is an insurance company located in Chennai that is offering motor insurance to its customers minimum of 200 vehicles per month and could go beyond their target on a monthly basis, but also faced multiple claims from clients/customers.

Business Requirement

The client being an insurance company, provides their motor vehicle insurance products to their customers. It was found that the customers raised claims with false documents. So, the insurance company now faces huge loss cutting down its profitability, even though they cross sales targets on a monthly basis. It was realised that the client needed an effective third party vehicle monitoring solution with GPS devices to monitor unnecessary trips and discrepancies of the customer’s vehicles on-field.

Trinetra Solution

The Trinetra Wireless – Vehicle monitoring and tracking solution provides the insurance company with real-time updates on violations, harsh braking and accelerations. The client utilises it on a regular basis to know how the vehicle is utilised, about the driver’s habits and total distances travelled in a day. The client is concerned about driving habits of drivers. Based on it, the insurance sector likes to provide the policy terms to the fleet owner/management. With a fleet management solution enabled with GPS system, both the fleet owners and insurance company can be provided real-time data on vehicles covering location of vehicle, driver scheduling, fleet maintenance and utilisation plus other data like parking or moving or idling status.

Apart from these, data on driver violations that could lead to accidents, like harsh acceleration, braking or turning, other parameters can be recorded. This helps insurance companies to determine premiums. Trinetra’s fleet management & mobility Solutions also supports additional external safety device integration, like a panic button, vehicle immobilizer, RFID card integration to drivers etc., to have control of vehicles when under critical situations.


  • Instant alerts on deviations from business safety rules
  • Alerts when speed levels exceed the limit
  • Increased visibility between the various stakeholders
  • Improved driver management with the solution
  • Comprehensive asset/vehicle monitoring
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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