Streamline Corporate Cab Tracking: The Ideal Solution for Leading BPO Service Provider


Industry : BPO

Solution : GPS Vehicle Tracking

July 19, 2014


A leading BPO service provider delivering comprehensive solutions to customers across various industry verticals worldwide.

Business Requirement

The client sought an innovative GPS vehicle tracking solution with route optimization capabilities to effectively manage transportation details for their employees utilizing company cabs around the clock. They required real-time cab tracking, efficient scheduling of pickups and drops, route association with geographic regions, and assigning the shortest routes to minimize fuel costs. Additionally, for security reasons, the client specified that the last drop should not be a female employee.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra provided a comprehensive solution to gain control over the client’s fleet and offer valuable insights. By integrating web-based software with GPS vehicle tracking hardware, Trinetra empowered the organization to track vehicles in real-time, plan efficient routes with route optimization, and manage employee pickups and drops effectively.

With the GPS vehicle tracking software, the fleet admin improved operations by creating employee rosters and accessing complete employee information. The customized fleet management system enabled the creation of the shortest routes between assigned pickup and drop locations while adhering to the company’s security protocols.

Given the organization’s round-the-clock operations, ensuring employee safety and timely transportation to various locations became a top priority. The entire application was customized to address this concern, and the route optimization algorithm was designed with flexibility to accommodate business rules easily.


  • Real time tracking of the Cabs
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Efficient route planning and optimization
  • Improved response time with the shortest routes
  • Maximized productivity through geo-fencing
  • Cost reduction by optimizing cab utilization
  • Monitoring violations of predetermined routes

By implementing Trinetra’s solution, the client achieved seamless cab tracking, enhanced employee safety, optimized transportation routes and cost-effective operations, ultimately improving their overall productivity and efficiency.

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