GPS Tracking Solutions for a leading security organization


Industry : Security Organization

Solution : GPS Vehicle Tracking

March 02, 2015


The client is one of the leading security organizations responsible for the protection of reserved forest zones. The organization is renowned both nationally and internationally.

Business Requirement

The client’s requirement was to track the forest vehicles which are passing through the reserved forest zone. And in case if some vehicle stops at places other than the designated parking areas, the guards who are there for protection should be notified.

Trinetra Solution

The client was provided with Best in class GPS vehicle tracking device Trinetra, to monitor the forest vehicles in real time and to avoid vehicle stoppage at unauthorized places. Geozone can be created to avoid unauthorized vehicle entry in restricted places. Trinetra was provided with notification feature so that an immediate alert will be triggered in case if vehicle stops/enters into the restricted zone. Trinetra also provided the Geozone Activity report, which can be scheduled and sent automatically to the respective email IDs in the frequency of Daily / Weekly / Monthly basis, which can be utilized to safe guard the reserved zones by the National / Forest Security organizations.


  • Maximized Productivity
  • Decreased Overtime
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Improved Service to the nation
  • Reputation in business

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