Trinetra FMS increases productivity of vehicles in coal mining industry.

Industry :

Solution : Fleet Maintenance

Apr 14, 2020

The Client

The client is a leading player operating in the coal and mining industry, having projects being handled in multiple locations using a large fleet of vehicles and earth moving equipment.

The Business Requirement.

The major objective of the client is to avert the frequent breakdown of their vehicles as they are being operated in difficult conditions and terrain and are missing the regular maintenance needed. The client has more than 5,000 vehicles for transporting coal taken from the coal mines, to various desired locations. So, they found keeping the records and maintenance schedules as a huge problem.

The Solution Implementation

We are aware the client’s vehicles are put to work on rugged terrain and tough surfaces and in such conditions the vehicles are operated in multiple shifts to continually transport the coal. Travelling in such uneven surfaces, up and down steeps of the mine, put a lot of workload on the vehicles. So, the vehicles need regular maintenance to operate smoothly. The client therefore needs to maintain the records of what sort of service has been done over time and parts changed. The solution needed to cover these requirements in this scenario and reduce maintenance costs of the vehicle to get maximum productivity.

Trinetra provided the solution covering the pain points of the client with an FMS software application which can create different service schedules and incorporating multiple vehicles. It can create a plan based on 3 different parameters – Run Time, Time and Distance. An option was provided to set alerts and notifications to the respective stakeholders, when nearing maintenance stops, for servicing the vehicles on time.

Trinetra’s Fleet Management System also provided intelligent devices to monitor how well the vehicle were being utilised by the driver. The device triggered real time alerts for any violation done by the driver and reports were based on the same. The GPS enabled solution helps the client to reduce vehicle breakdown and increase productivity.

Benefits of the solution

  • Nearing maintenance time alerts & notifications.
  • Monitor utilization of the vehicle by the driver
  • Route Optimization and Location finder
  • Unauthorized stoppage, idling of the vehicle by driver recorded
  • Increased safety and effective trips for the drivers

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