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Industry : Construction

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Jan 20, 2023

The Client

A large company operating in the construction industry, having various services on offer to cater to the needs of clients and partners in the industry, required to streamline and economise their operations with information and communication. They deploy a variety of vehicles, earthmovers, machines and heavy equipment over different construction site locations which needed monitoring for different projects.

Business Requirement

The client clearly presented their pain points which actually pointed to a software solution with data analytics and mobile integration. Interacting with the managers Trinetra team identified their requirements. The client was seeking ways to save time and costs in their operations especially in running the vehicles and equipment as construction projects apparently run on thin margins. The client needs a more modern, technology-based solution to help them improve their data management.

They have mobile assets that are usually a mix of very expensive equipment and heavy machinery. They need to track them and identify any fuel wastage or fuel theft happening in their sites, which can be detected with the data gathered by the fleet monitoring system. Therefore, devices like fuel level sensors, temperature sensors and GPS tracking devices are used to triggering real-time critical alerts. Monitoring of vehicle drivers for right behaviour during the journeys and work hours can generate useful data for analysis and cost savings simultaneously.   Trinetra’s telematics platform with mobile app integration can be customised to solve the client’s problems.

Trinetra Solution

Construction companies need good control over mobile assets and technologies such as GPS and data analytics make the business more efficient. As drivers are driving different vehicles at different locations, at different times, they need to be tracked in real-time and with automation, like triggering of alerts and notifications. Operations are made more efficient and productive, with an effective Fleet Management System (FMS).

Trinetra’s asset monitoring platform offers vehicle telemetry, monitoring sensors for different parameters, immediate alerts for non-compliance alarms for emergencies. The client can remotely monitor fleets of various sizes and descriptions using the data and software. With utilisation of the collected data, integrated mobile app and web dashboard provided on the fleet management software, managers can get multiple reports and alerts to streamline operations for higher efficiency.

The fleet monitoring platform satisfies the need for addressing real-time critical alerts required by the ready-mix concrete transport managers. By monitoring various parameters, they make sure that drivers/operators are behaving properly during the work hours with GPS enabled tracking. With customised GPS technology the fleet monitoring application (with real time details) installed by the client can easily identify if assets or equipment are within a construction site, or are being moved out, with geo-fencing. The FMS software generates Instant Alerts and reports to help maintenance of the moving assets and saving on fuel spend.


  • Monitor fuel consumption effectively
  • Optimize the operations with visibility of over 30%
  • High visibility on fleet movement and location
  • Managers can receive automated real-time alerts
  • Keeps the driver/operator engaged for less violation on multiple aspects
  • Fleet Management rules can be inducted and monitored as per requirement of the project
  • Expectation based monitoring and event based reporting
  • Ever evolving hardware and software updates

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