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Corporate Fleet Management

Industry : Corporate Company

Solution : GPS Vehicle Tracking

December 14, 2015


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Business Requirement

The company needed efficient fleet management solution to monitor their vehicles in real time and manage their employee’s pick-up and drops effectively, safe and secure. They needed a solution for their vehicle that suggest and enables them to create shortest possible route between different employee pick-up locations.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra has provided the company with Corporate Fleet Management Solutions customized for managing employee pick-up and drops. Employees belonging to a particular shift can be viewed and shortest possible route to pick-up the employees will be generated by Trinetra software. Software will also suggest which vehicle to choose based on the people available for the trip and enable to create route. Drivers will be provided with the trip summary sheet, so that they are completely aware of the shortest route to pick-up employees. Transport officer / fleet manager can view the vehicle usage in real time and approve the trip request from the employees. Alerts will be triggered automatically through email or SMS for violations. With Trinetra installed on their vehicles, the company can now monitor the current position of a single vehicle, position of an entire fleet of vehicles, route information of the vehicle over a period of time and all events that occurred during a particular trip on street level digital maps.


  • Increase the convenience of employee pick-up & drops
  • Flexible route planning based on shifts
  • Better scheduling
  • Real time monitoring of vehicle usage
  • Intelligent reports on fleet utilization & much more
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Increased productivity

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