GPS Ambulance Tracking System For A Leading Emergency Management Services (EMS) Firm

Emergency Medical Services

Industry : Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

Solution : Fleet Monitoring

September 20, 2015


The client is a pioneer in emergency management services and they provide ambulances for any type of emergencies. They have country wide operations and a number of emergency response centers.

Business Requirement

The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) provider wanted to achieve an optimal and quick response time in attending to emergencies through identifying the real-time location of the vehicle, travel history, and monitoring the live path it’s traveling. To fulfill this need, they decided to implement an Ambulance GPS Tracking System, This system enables them to track the ambulances in real-time, view their travel history, and monitor the live path they are taking, ensuring efficient and timely emergency services.

Trinetra Solution

The ambulances of the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) provider was installed with Trinetra along with a smart system enabled them to monitor all important events like when the respective driver mapped to the ambulance, other staffs inside the vehicle, ambulance has started, reached the incident location, time of arrival to hospital, etc. As the response team gets alerted of an emergency they are able to quickly deploy the ambulance that is closest to the emergency location based on the engaged vehicle status. In case of a breakdown of an ambulance, the driver can alert the response team, thereby indicating the response team to plan for an alternate vehicle. Panic button also provided with the solution for informing the command centre on emergency situation.  With the installation of Trinetra –the EMS provider is able to reduce the response time and attend to emergencies on time.


  • Improved Response Time
  • Better Planning
  • Effective Fleet Monitoring
  • Accurate Vehicle Status Updates
  • Maximized Productivity
  • Reduced Operational Costs

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