Trinetra’s GPS enable FMS helps client better driver and delivery management

Driver and Delivery management

Industry : Automobile

Solution : GPS Vehicle Tracking

Sep 12, 2019


The client is a successful manufacturing company having multiple manufacturing units for products catering to hundreds of customers at multiple locations.

Business Requirement

The client faced a genuine problem of delivering products on time, because the delivery vehicle drivers were not committed to stick to the schedule, as all the vehicles used are rented from their Cargo Department. They (client) needed a fleet monitoring solution to make deliveries on-time to customers and needed to analyse the time spent by each vehicle at a customer location via reports generated.

Trinetra Solution

Commitment to timely delivery is an essential part of retaining one’s customers in any business. Such commitment encourages them to increase trust in you. Our client who had multiple branches and hundreds of customers across the city, faced a challenge in fleet management and driver handling, where drivers were not committed to keep the delivery schedule. The client came up with the requirement as a solution, which was brought to Trinetra Wireless, who provide one of the market’s best Fleet Management software, for deliberation.

Trinetra took up the challenge and suggested a solution to address the customer’s pain points. The FMS was provided with the GPS Vehicle tracking system, which featured automated alerts when the vehicle underwent unwanted idling for a predefined time at a location. A report was created for them to see the vehicle’s full history, which helped them to take business-oriented decisions quickly. With the ready real-time data in hand, the client is now able to estimate the time taken to reach each customer and the time spent by a particular vehicle at a single customer location with live updates. With Trintra’s GPS Tracking and Fleet Management software the client is able to plan better and raise their standards to satisfy their customers better.


  • Enables quick business-oriented decision-making.
  • Offers instant alerts on unwanted idling.
  • On-time utilization of vehicles at every customer point.
  • An improved driver management solution.
  • Satisfying customers with On-time delivery.

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