Trinetra’s fleet management solution boosts ROI of mobile outdoor advertiser.

Advertising Company

Industry : Transportation

Solution : GPS Vehicle Tracking

Nov 12, 2019

The Client

The client is an advertising company prominent in the market across the south Indian cities, with their mobile outdoor advertising service. They support 500+ diverse brads, including new players and help connect with their audience through different channels of advertising.

The Business Requirement.

The major objective of advertising outdoors through a fleet of vehicles, is that the brand would reach out to all sections the society in the given area. The vehicles would travel slowly for a defined time duration every day. The client faced a problem as the drivers tend to cover the whole distance quickly and close the trip early, which was not monitored. This led to the client feedback that advertising through vehicles was not effective.

The Solution Implementation.

This client in the advertising industry who operates 150+ vehicles required a solution to streamline the trips and monitor the vehicles. The vehicles should stop or slowly move at crowded places, to get more visibility of the advertisement the vehicles were carrying.

Trinetra Wireless provided a solution with their GPS tracking and fleet management software which provided reports and monitoring of vehicles at a particular location with in & out time reports. The client also has a target for every vehicle, that it should cover 60km per day. Trinetra provided a customised report to monitor the areas the vehicle went in a particular trip, with distance travelled. By continuous monitoring and educating the driver, with driver management software, they increased visibility and streamlining of the trips. Now there is higher reach for the ads.

So, major clients across south India are now willing to collaborate with them, which has led to increased revenue. With this process in place, manpower is efficiently utilized for better all-round results and multi-tasking. Also, better handling of vehicles resulted in reducing vehicle maintenance costs by 35%. The route optimisation system also helped in the process.

Benefits of the solution

  • Accurate information of vehicles’ distance covered with time.
  • Better manpower utilization and driver management
  • Effective actions to control ad hoc discrepancies on-field.
  • Satisfying the customer with better support & service.
  • Increase of safe and effective trips for the drivers.
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Route optimisation saves costs
  • GPS tracking locates the vehicle precisely
  • Easy scalability of fleet of vehicles.

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