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fleet management software for emergency vehicle services

Industry : Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

Solution :

Feb 22, 2022


The client who approached us provides emergency services in the healthcare sector but wanted a solution to improve their service further as it also involved saving lives and managing a fleet of vehicles. They deploy an emergency voluntary team of drivers, riders and call handlers to deliver medical supplies and move patients to hospitals across a vast areas of the state, which involved some challenges and safety issues. Trinetra has the answer in their customizable GPS fleet tracking and management software for the client.

The Problem Outline

After the team at Trinetra took the briefing and all details, they discussed how they can solve the challenges & pain points faced by the client. Safety of patients and medical supplies was an issue to be addressed. They also needed a way to communicate between the drivers and the command center to coordinate tasks, like timely pick up of patients at their locations. The client needed to locate each vehicle in the fleet and track all operations going on. They also wanted to ensure the safety of drivers and supplies by safety training for drivers who were to be identified.

The Solution Summary

The Trinetra team customized the GPS enabled vehicle tracking software solution as per the needs and challenges of the client. The software application will have instant alerts on vehicle security which ensures its safety in transit up to destination. Being a GPS enabled vehicle tracking application and also web hosted, the transport manager can visualize the position of the transport vehicle on the digital map to help respond easily and quickly to meet all requirements. The software will monitor for Driver Behavior with the real time monitoring system set to various parameters, to ensure safe transportation and to make sure that driver is behaving properly during journey. Using the fleet management software, the route plan can be optimized to ensure reduced fuel cost and other maintenance costs. Trinetra’s Fleet Management solution is user friendly and its digital mapping and graphics are perfect. The application offers expectation based monitoring and custom based reporting

Advantages of the customized fleet management application

  • Set instant alerts on pick-up and drop-off events which ensures their safety
  • Limit speed events and harsh breaking incidents
  • Helps to monitor driver’s behavior in real-time
  • Application provided to management allows staff to visualize the position of vehicles on the map and it helps the team to respond easily and quickly


  • 15+ countries have implemented, with 13,000 active device count
  • Reduce fuel cost by 40%
  • 22% increase in good driver behavior

Client testimonial

“By employing the FMS software, our team can now monitor not only the location but also the movement of the vehicle and also conditions in its bay on route.  By customizing the tracking system, we can co-ordinate our operations and trigger alerts and notifications to ensure safe transportation and timely delivery of medical products during emergencies.

– Chief Transport Manager, Medical Services

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