Systematic Loading/Unloading of the equipment can be incorporated to achieve secured transportation of medical equipment using Fleet Management Software

gps vehicle tracking for medical equipment transportation in India and UAE

Industry : Healthcare

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Jan 18, 2022


The client is a transporter for the healthcare industry who wanted a solution tailor-made for the safe transportation of sensitive medical equipment across the country. The vehicles carrying the equipment have to be tracked and monitoring of the loading and unloading of the equipment had to be done to avoid damage or theft. Trinetra’s GPS-enabled fleet management system had the answer to this task.

The Problem Outline

The Trinetra team sat for a briefing from to get a clear picture of their pain points and challenges which they south to resov4 by using an FMS application with customisation. The team took into account of all the points of the Transport Manager who regarded safe transportation as priority. The safe handling of the equipment was the challenge as it had to be monitored until it was placed in the operating room. Instances of damage to the equipment from movement in the truck bay and damage occurring after the equipment was unloaded were noted as well as the safety concerns for the drivers were also considered. The safety training for the drivers to ensure safety of driver and equipment was also noted. Another requirement in securely transporting the equipment was locating each vehicle in the fleet over the route and tracking of all operations involved.

The Solution Summary

The Trinetra team has customised the software solution as per the requirements of the client. The software application will have instant alerts on equipment security which ensures its safety in transit up to delivery. The software will monitor for a reliable, secure and consistent loading and storing mechanism in the vehicle to ensure safe transportation.

The fleet tracking software can help to monitor driver behaviour in real time. The fleet management system is enabled to limiting speed events and prevent harsh breaking incidents. Being a GPS enabled vehicle tracking application and also web hosted, the transport manager can visualise the position of the transport vehicle on the digital map to help respond easily and quickly to meet all requirements. Besides this the fleet monitoring software has inbuilt features to help save fuel cost and for route management.

Advantages of the customised FMS application

  • The transporter can more confidently and quickly load and unload the equipment without risking damage
  • Customer can rely on equipment arriving safely and ready to use
  • Provides customer with clear operational instructions located on the vehicle and an instructional video
  • FMS leveraged industry knowledge in collaborating with the customer for more secured transportation
  • Accurate vehicle status updates and improved response times
  • FMS interface is really user-friendly
  • Keypad integrations to monitor all important events
  • Mapping and graphics are a perfect fit for user
  • Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting offered by the system


  • 15+ countries have implemented, with 13,000 active device count
  • Reduce fuel cost by 40%
  • 22% increase in driver’s good driver behaviour

Client testimonial

“Previously we took risks carrying sensitive medical equipment without the support of a monitoring system. After implementing the software, we find that we can monitor not only the location but also the movement of the vehicle and conditions in its bay during transit.  The customised system provided by Trinetra can trigger alerts and notifications to ensure secured transportation and delivery of fragile and valuable assets.

– Senior Transport Manager.

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