Vehicle Tracking And Management Solution For A Leading Gas Distributor

Gas Distributor

Industry : Oil & Gas

Solution : GPS Vehicle Tracking

August 10, 2017


The client is a reputed gas distributor for private and public sectors in Mumbai and Pune, their vehicles were mainly used to transport the gases from one location to another and they have huge location based reach.

Business Requirement

The client wanted an easy to use yet intelligent platform to track their 500+ vehicles and cut down inefficiencies. In addition, vehicle condition plays a major role in their business as break downs will cause huge impact in their business. Overall they were looking for an innovative solution to track the entire activity of the vehicles and also to have intelligence report based on their business rules and exceptions.

Trinetra Solution

The client was provided with Trinetra fleet management solutions, to fulfil their requirement. Trinetra provided the client with real time information, historical updates of the vehicles and serves them with increased visibility which makes the user to handle unforeseen and adhoc situation easily.

As Fleet maintenance is a critical component for this type of business, Trinetra application completely automates and ensures the condition of the vehicle and its components. Reports has been provided to the user as a marketing tool to increase the expansion of the business, when the vehicle is leased or rented to third party, automatic reports will be sent to the respective authorities as per the schedule which clears the communication between both the parties.

With the Implementation of Trinetra’s integrated full-fledged Tailor made customized solution people in charge can ensure whether the truck is covering the assigned route, view alerts on violations and generate intelligent reports defined from the application. With the help of Trinetra, the fleet manager can easily monitor the precise activities that account for the entire route in real time, eliminate unauthorized usage, reduce fuel consumption, monitor the opening and closing of the doors of the trucks, alerting if the driver is disposing the trash in unauthorized areas and many more. With this system being installed the fleet manager can also get immediate notifications when the vehicle stays in a particular collection zone for a time greater than the allowed limit.

By having Trinetra GPS vehicle tracking & fleet management solution on their side they get comprehensive information related to vehicle utilization that provides maximum productivity & much required visibility on fleet utilization.


  • Monitor events like idle time, harsh braking & much more
  • Real time notification alerts through email and SMS
  • Vehicles Expected Time of Arrival
  • Increase visibility between various stake holders
  • Faster ROI from vehicles
  • Comprehensive fleet management
  • Decreased Overtime
  • Reduced Operational Costs

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