Real-Time Fleet Monitoring Solution For A Reputed Transportation Service Provider

Reputed Transportation Service Provider

Industry : Transportation

Solution : GPS Vehicle Tracking

August 15, 2017


The client is a well-established transportation service provider serving private sectors in the Andhra Pradesh region. They operate a fleet of over 1000 vehicles primarily dedicated to passenger transportation, offering extensive coverage across various locations.

Business Requirement

The client sought an application to monitor their fleet of vehicles with the aim of streamlining their operations and ensuring timely adherence to schedules. They required the ability to track the real-time positions of their buses, manage routes and estimate time of arrival. Additionally, they needed an alert system to notify fleet managers of any issues during bus journeys, such as breakdowns, so they could take immediate action.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra comprehended their business needs and provided a solution for real-time bus tracking using their Monitor and History Modules. Trinetra calculates the approximate time needed for a bus to reach a specific stop, factoring in live traffic updates and various parameters such as Geozone and route management. This enables commuters to know the expected wait time for their respective buses.

Vehicle routes can be pre-defined for drivers, allowing the client to monitor vehicle movements, track progress on set routes, and provide real-time status updates, including any delays. Trinetra also offers a fleet maintenance module that provides consolidated information on each vehicle’s status, maintenance needs, service history and assigned personnel. In addition to vehicle tracking and maintenance reports, Trinetra offers a range of associated reports that can be generated and scheduled for stakeholders to stay updated.

Trinetra also provides a mobile passenger application for travelers to stay informed about their journey and bus arrival details. Fleet managers can access real-time data on vehicle usage and more. Automatic alerts via email or SMS are triggered for any violations.


  • Monitoring of events such as idle time and harsh braking
  • Real-time notification alerts through email and SMS
  • Improved visibility for various stakeholders
  • Faster return on investment from vehicle operations
  • Comprehensive fleet management
  • Reduced overtime expenses
  • Lower operational costs

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