Effectively handle health of the animals using Trinetra Fleet Management Solution

Livestock & pet exporters fleet management solution

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Nov 20, 2022

The Client

The client is in the business of Livestock, pet animal exports and trading, having built a network and customer base spread over the country. To meet the standards and face challenges of the livestock export industry they need tech based support.

Business Requirement

The Trinetra team met the client for a discussion and identified the pain points they have to resolve.

  • Need to monitor the health of the live animals/pets inside the vehicle during transportation
  • Tracking the safety of the pets using real time monitoring
  • Need to continuously monitor driver behaviour and other parameters
  • Identify the location of the vehicle and notify the stakeholders through mobile app
  • Addressing real time critical alerts required
  • Make sure that driver behaviour is proper during journey
  • Identify the temperature and humidity deviations to monitor the heath of live animals

Trinetra Solution

As the client wanted a unique solution, Trinetra has the fleet management system as the right solution to resolve the pain points of the client, but with some customisation of the application on the telematics platform. The fleet monitoring application will address the pain points of the client as below.

  • Stakeholders can see real-time vehicle location and receive real-time alerts if vehicles run late.
  • Utilisation of dashboard to monitor location and other parameters
  • Instant alerts and reporting on on-boarding and off-boarding of animals, and event based reporting on vehicle, for eg. extreme speed, extreme acceleration, sudden braking, idling, etc.
  • The fleet management system will address real-time critical alerts required by client.
  • Monitoring driver behaviour during journey using telematics.
  • Continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity to monitor heath of live animals and get instant alerts.


  • Reduce idle times and decrease fuel consumption by up to 20%
  • Optimize the operation with visibility over 30%
  • High visibility on livestock in real time
  • Managers can see in real-time asset location and receive real-time alerts if any discrepancy occurs.
  • Keeps the driver/operator engaged with less violation on multiple aspects
  • Expectation based monitoring and event based reporting

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