Construction Industry telematics - The benefits of Fleet Tracking Solution

Construction industry telematics in fleet tracking solution

Industry : Construction

Solution : Fleet Management

Sep 23, 2022

The Client

The client is a major player in the construction industry having various type of earth moving equipment and vehicles in its fleet deployed in various construction sites at various locations. As they have projects ongoing in various locations they require real-time monitoring of mobile assets on a large scale.

Business Requirement

To understand the pain-points of the client, our team had discussion with the client. Through the discussion the team found that the client was seeking ways to save time and money while looking after the assets. They also wanted to complete construction projects in time and keep the profit margin. The main reason being construction projects are increasingly operating on extremely thin margins. Construction sector fleets are usually made of mixed, extremely expensive equipment.

The client wanted a technological solution (construction industry telematics) that would help them achieve these objectives. Our team identified their pain points and concluded that Trinetra’s telematics platform with customisation and mobile app would solve their problems when implemented. Construction companies need to control all mobile assets and vehicles’ power, with drivers often driving different vehicles, which needs monitoring.

Trinetra Solution

The asset monitoring platform has various capabilities, such as vehicle telemetry, to remotely monitor fleets of various sizes and descriptions. The platform can satisfy the need for addressing real-time critical alerts required by the fleet managers. By monitoring various parameters, transport managers can make sure that drivers/operators are behaving properly during the work hours or uptime of the earth moving equipment like excavators or bulldozers, with GPS enabled tracking

With customisation and GPS technology this fleet monitoring application (with all time details) can easily identify if the Earth Movers and JCB equipment are within a construction site or are being moved out. Managers can utilise the dashboard to monitor location of individual assets tracked by the vehicle monitoring system. The fleet management system (FMS) software generates Instant Alerts and reports on the earth movers and assist in maintenance of the assets. Client can enjoy the 24/7 availability of a complete fleet management solution allowing 20-25% savings on fuel, maintenance, wear-and-tear costs and also protect assets from theft and enhance safety with driver behaviour.


  • Helps in saving on fuel expenditure and maintenance costs.
  • Managers can see in real-time asset location and receive real-time alerts if any discrepancy occurs.
  • Keeps the driver/operator engaged with less violation on multiple aspects
  • Fleet Management rules can be inducted and monitored as per requirement of the project
  • Expectation based monitoring and event based reporting
  • Ever evolving hardware and software

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