GPS Petroleum & Oil Tankers Tracking System For A Leading Oil Distributing Company

Oil & Gas

Industry : Oil & Gas

Solution : GPS Vehicle Tracking

November 22, 2016


A leading oil distributing company involved in the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting by petroleum & oil tankers. The largest volume products of the company are fuel oil and gasoline.

Business Requirement

As safety is the key in oil & gas industry, the company wanted to implement a fleet management solution whereby they could track the movement of petroleum & oil tankers and also monitor the driver behaviour effectively with reports and immediate alerts. In case of any vehicle abuse or driver misbehaviour; alert notifications will be triggered to the fleet manager, so that he can take immediate action.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra offers a highly customizable and robust vehicle tracking and telematics solution with best-in-class technology and safety features for the oil & gas industry. Installation of Trinetra GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System enabled the company to have complete visibility of their tankers. Driver behaviours such as extreme acceleration, aggressive driving, speed alert, vehicle idling time, vehicle threshold, harsh braking and much more can also be tracked in an efficient way. For each and every violation customer can set the demerit rating through which they can generate the RAG report for analysing the driver’s driving behaviour.

With Trinetra on their side, the company is armed with the facility to monitor the vehicle movement in the specified location thereby tracking the exact time of distribution of oil to his customer’s gas station. Further the fleet manager can generate reports and view gamut of information such as the destination, total distance travelled by the fleet, landmarks and geozone activity, idling time of all the petroleum tankers.

The driver is also provided with the panic button that can alert the fleet manager immediately during cases of emergency. Besides tracking the movement of petroleum & oil tankers, Trinetra concerns about the safety of the employees who are their real high-value assets. With Trinetra, now the company can sky-rocket their oil fleet’s performance thereby reaping the potential business benefits with substantial cost savings.


  • Improved asset utilization
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • On time Delivery
  • Maximized productivity
  • Effective driver behaviour monitoring
  • Lower operating expense
  • Safer work environment
  • Enhanced vehicle & driver safety

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