GPS Tracking Solutions For Vehicle Manufacturer

Vehicle manufacturer

Industry : Manufacturing

Solution : Fleet Management

December 29, 2016


The client is a leading vehicle manufacturer who is interested to integrate the best in technology, environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and operational excellence.

Business Requirement

Client’s requirement was to track the exact vehicle location along with technical parameters of the vehicle through OBD II integration. Their ultimate aim is to ensure zero defects in the engine parameters, which in turn will result in better client satisfaction.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra offers a highly customizable and robust vehicle tracking and remote diagnosis solution with best-in-class technology and real-time monitoring features for manufacturing industry. Installation of Trinetra GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System enabled the client to have complete visibility of their manufactured vehicles.

Trinetra enabled the customer with remote diagnostic tool, which allows for monitoring of key vehicle parameters during the field test. All vehicles will undergo a field test before the delivery to showrooms. During field test, parameters like engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel consumption, true idling, etc., along with the current location of the vehicle, will be captured and recorded in the portal in real-time. Trinetra provided the idling report along with Driver behaviour which helped them in identifying the unwanted idling which results in Carbon emission. By reducing the idling and reducing the carbon emission Trinetra helped them in improving their CSR value.

Trinetra also generates alerts based on the threshold comparison and insists the analyzer for immediate attention. All these information will be consolidated and generated as a report, which shall be scheduled on a daily, weekly and / or monthly basis to different stake holders as required.


  • On-Board Diagnostics data
  • Alerts on processing the received engine information
  • Consolidated reports to track history of vehicles tested and delivered
  • Reputation in business
  • Tracking vehicles run time
  • Tracking position information of running vehicles
  • Cost and Time Saving
  • Fault Identification

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