Trinetra FMS provides solution to keep poultry farm products safe in transit.

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Solution : Vehicle Monitoring

May 27, 2020

The Client

The client is one of the leading poultry farms of the region belonging to the UAE. They supply their poultry products to multiple stores/retail outlets that number to around 45,000 across the region.

The Business Requirement

The client faced huge losses owing to the damage during travel of the perishable goods. Due to the drivers’ negligence, the container’s door is open during the travel, which led to the product being damaged. The client needed a reliable fleet management solution to overcome their pain points.

The Solution Implementation

The client in the poultry farm business, used to transport different types of meat to their customers. They supply to around 4,500+ customers the and travel distances may total to around 6,000 kilometres. The main problem is that food gets degraded mainly due to the opening of the door multiple times during the travel and due to temperature changes owing to the prolonged opening of the container door. Sometimes this can happen due to a technical failure in the refer truck.

Trinetra provided a solution covering all these pain points after a detailed study. It also addressed vehicle stoppages at unauthorised locations for considerable time, by providing alerts over mobile phones to stakeholders. The solution also provided multiple door sensors to monitor the opening and closing of the door and temperature sensors to monitor temperature inside the container. It is based on the preference set for meat. Breaches trigger alerts which will be sent to stakeholders and to the driver via the buzzer in the cabin, for immediate remedial action.

Benefits of the solution

  • Accurate information of vehicle’s location with time
  • Route Optimization
  • Idling alert and alerts on entry & exit at customer location
  • Unauthorized stoppage of the vehicle by driver
  • Increased safe and effective trips for the drivers
  • Temperature breach alerts and prolonged door open and close alerts

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