An Optimal solution and Strategy to Lower Maintenance and Fuel Costs

Industry : Logistics

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Oct 16, 2020


A leading manufacturer of mechanical parts had a distribution system running to deliver products to their chain of vendors. It involved a fleet of vehicles and drivers in the operation to supply parts to various locations.

The Problem Outline

The client approached us to help them streamline their distribution operations to minimize downtime, wastage of time and fuel. The company needed to lower the impact of fuel price fluctuations affecting their business. They wanted to maximise efficiency and prevent personal usage. The fleet manager had a problem in locating each vehicle in the fleet and tracking all operations of the fleet. They also aimed at safety training for drivers, elimination of manual data entry and needed to avoid false economies.

The Solution Summary

The solution needed has to match the client business needs correctly. The FMS solution customised helps to reduce the wastage and improve on operation efficiency. Monitoring will make sure that driver behaving is proper during all journeys and the preventive maintenance or service schedules are followed. The fleet management software gave them complete control over trucks movement to avoid unwanted vehicle stoppage on unauthorised zones. The advantages of the GPS tracking enabled FMS solution are:

  • To track the driver and assets via single source (application)
  • Limiting costs and time for more productivity of fleet
  • To monitor driver continuously and re-route whenever necessary
  • To keep driver engaged with less violation on multiple aspects
  • Help to reduce fuel cost in all possible ways during fleet operation.

Built on a web-enable FMS platform

Trinetra’s flexible, customisable software platform offered 24/7 monitoring & intrinsic benefits such as –

  • One single Flexible Platform for Monitoring Vehicle usage, violation
  • The FMS platform provided insights for informed decision making
  • Instant alerts generated on violation by drivers, for reducing the maintenance and fuel costs.
  • Integration to a customised mobile app for efficiency and productivity.

Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting

A data centric approach for timely decision making using the cache of data generated by the FMS software. Fleet managers can make instant journey planning to ensure products are delivered on time to the right dealer or retailer. It improved fleet management and its visibility by 40%, as the flexible platform can provide trucks and drivers during journey with up-to-date information supported with the mobile app.

Outcome / Result

  • Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting for fleet managers.
  • A Data-driven approach enables timely decision making and reducing the operating costs.
  • Backed by domain expertise in multiple industries, with solutions successfully implemented in Middle East and India regions.

It has provided a proven way to increase fleet vehicle efficiency, monitor operations continually, increase productivity of operations and a better ROI.

Highlights of Trinetra’s FMS

  • 15+ countries implemented with 13000 active devices count
  • Reduce Wastage by 40%
  • 22% increase in good driving behaviour
  • Reducing manual intervention and save up to 2.5 hours a day
  • Almost increases twice as many deliveries per day

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Client testimonials

“By using Trinetra’s software we have gained much with this technology. It has reduced time and fuel wastage in operations. It has taken away the daily pressures, ensured the efficient running of vehicles, drivers and cost control.”

– Fleet Manager, Operations.

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