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Apr 14, 2022


We were approached by a transporter running shuttle services from and to various locations, deploying a large fleet of vehicles comprising of various types. They were on the lookout for a suitable software application to improve the efficiency of their operations and the productivity of the fleet and drivers. What they needed was available in the Fleet Management software of Trinetra and it could be customised to suit the particular needs of the transport company and the shuttle services they were providing.

The Problem Outline

The Trinetra team took the briefing from the client. The client wanted to streamline operations for the timely pick up of customers at their locations, but subject to the Bus Available status as currently in the same solution, with all info in one location. They needed a way to communicate between drivers and their command centre for better coordination. The application should help in locating each vehicle in the fleet and in tracking all operations of the fleet in real-time. The Fleet Management System should also support safety training for their drivers to ensure safety of drivers and assets.

The Solution Summary

This was the fleet management application the client was searching for. It had GPS technology to track vehicle movement with differentiation for onward and return trips to improve efficiency. With Driver Behaviour real-time monitoring capability the remote fleet monitoring application would make sure that driver behaviour is proper during journey and duty hours.

The customisable fleet management software can reduce fuel cost by optimizing bus routes undertaken for the shuttle service. This also has a positive impact on maintenance costs. The client realised they could ensure vehicle security & drivers safety by implementing our automated solution. The software offered bus availability status that was required to facilitate booking, delivery and pick up service with speed and efficiency. The application also supported driver training and safety initiatives as required by the client.

Advantages of the customised application.

  • Set instant alerts for pick-up and drop-off events via GPS tech which ensures safety
  • Helps to limit speed events and harsh breaking incidents
  • Helps to monitor driver’s behaviour in real-time and record it for analysis
  • Application allows staff to visualize position of vehicles on map and helps them to respond easily and quickly to requirements.


  • 15+ countries have implemented, with 13,000 active device count
  • Reduce fuel cost by 40%
  • 22% increase in good driver behaviour

Client testimonial

“This customised automated FMS software, has helped us to improve efficiency and profitability in our fleet operations. We now locate each vehicle on the route map and also monitor vehicle movement along with driver behaviour. Mobile app integration enables our system to automatically trigger alerts and notifications to ensure safety and timely service.
– Chief of Operations

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