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GPS Vehicle Tracking Software for Waste Management

Industry : Waste Management

Solution : Fleet Tracking

May 18, 2022


We were approached by a major waste management company that had large scale operations running at various places, deploying manpower and a fleet of vehicles. They needed a solution to manage better their drivers and vehicles involved in the tasks, as they had to optimise the operations to get better productivity and profitability. The answer could be found in a proven asset tracking software solution, which Trinetra already has and only it needed to be customised for the client.

The Problem Outline

Our team of had a discussion with the client and came out with a proposal offering to customise the fleet management software for their requirements. They had a problem in identifying where each of their 100+ vehicles were at a given point of time. They couldn’t monitor properly the time taken for each vehicle to complete a task, whether within the operational allocated time or went beyond it. Another pain point was to provide navigation to the driver from his location to the next, as per business logic and the pain points and trigger alerts for any deviation from route or any other discrepancy . The software has to provide alerts on miss outs in the collecting of the bins as planned.

The Solution Summary

The customised FMS software has the solution that will help the client to locate the vehicle with ease, thanks to the GPS tracking technology incorporated in the application. The Navigation and the time allocation could be provided for each vehicle now and time can be reduced drastically with help of the software solution. The application could identify any miss outs and trigger alerts to the respective driver in collecting the bins.

The application also provided insights which will help to reduce the overall operational costs of projects undertaken. It is done by route mapping or route optimisation, by monitoring the performance of the vehicle on route, by fuel management and driver monitoring, which all have a positive impact on maintenance costs and other related operations. The same application also monitors driver engagement with the help of mobile app integration.

The client gets a tailor-made and customised solution made for the business with expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting. The software helps to manage and monitor operations with all updates and alerts of collection trucks on a modular platform. Managers get a data driven approach for timely decision-making. The domain expertise gained in Waste Management solutions implemented in Middle East and India region comes in handy for the client.


  • 15+ countries have implemented, with 13,000 active device count
  • Reduce fuel cost by 40%
  • 22% increase in good driver behaviour
  • Ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction level
  • Improve truck management and visibility by 40%
  • Improve driver management and visibility by 30%
  • Improve productivity and benefits by 20%

Client testimonial

Our waste management operations have improved as we now locate each vehicle on the route map and also monitor each truck’s movement with also driver engagement. The customised and automated FMS software, with mobile app integration, improves efficiency and profitability. It enables our managers to get automated alerts and notifications which help in safety and also timely service to the customers.

– Chief Operations Manager

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