GPS Vehicle Tracking System and Fleet Management Software Solutions For Garment Industry

Garment Industry – GPS Vehicle Tracking System & Fleet Management

Garment industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India, due to technological advancement and use of sophisticated machinery there has been a huge reach of garments throughout the world. To achieve great heights providing the best quality of cloths not only helps client to achieve goal, but also to satisfy dealers or retailers who acts as a messenger between them and their end client.

Trinetra Vehicle Tracking system plays a major role in Garment industry by helping client to monitor the vehicles which are used for distribution of dressing materials to its dealers and retailers on day to day basis. Since the dressing materials are delivered based on instant orders, the vehicles on field need to be monitored with their current location, to make sure that the vehicles reach it destination on time, so client can assign specific routes for the vehicles, not only ensuring the timely delivery but also vehicle availability, progress and status can also be known.

Trinetra helps in monitoring garment vehicles in real time with their current updated position/location details. Trinetra provides the Powerful GPS vehicle tracking system along with exception based Geozone solution to the Textile industry where they can easily identify the IN /OUT of the Garment vehicles within the pre-defined location with timestamp. Trinetra notifies the unauthorized usage of their vehicle. Moreover, a time limit can be assigned to the respective vehicles; whenever it exceeds the allowed time limit for a loading location the respective stakeholders will get an automatic notification to initiate actions from their end. Trinetra further provides many innovative reports like travelled history report, stop detail report, land mark entry exit report, idle time report, engine time report etc., where this will help the internal stakeholders to know the actual utilization of the garment vehicles.

Solution Offerings

  • Real time information of the vehicle status and location
  • Plan for the shortest and safest route
  • Effectively verify driver behaviour towards the vehicle
  • Ensure on time delivery
  • Enhance customer service
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce operational cost

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