Efficient vehicle summary reports with complete information improves operations

01 Dec 2018

Technological advances have got the world connected by a network of telecommunication channels and wireless connectivity has created a revolution. Trinetra has a comprehensive GPS Vehicle Tracking Fleet Management solution the helps fleet managers / owners to make decisions based on the multiple vehicle reports generated in real time by the system.

Trinetra’s Fleet Management software is capable of generating efficient vehicle summary reports providing complete information to the management to run fleets effectively and efficiently. Real time customizable reports can be critical in profitable running of commercial fleets. Trinetra’s new enhanced vehicle Detail Reports are numerous and is capable of monitoring each vehicle and all of the assets as a whole. The system offers a seamless end-user experience and helps stakeholders to draw out a better RoI.

Get specific reports like- History Reports, Asset Activity Reports, Location Report, Speed Report, Notification Report, Beginning/End of Day Report and many more. The reports can be previewed online, collected via email, exportable in different file formats and also scheduled at variable frequency. Check on information like speed, violations, stops, etc. The fleet management system can also be supported with a mobile app containing numerous features and updated in real time.

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