Launched Fleet Management Solution for Double Decker Buses

Fleet Management Solution for Double Decker Buses

20 Jun 2024

Trinetra Wireless, a leading provider of fleet management software and GPS tracking systems, announces a groundbreaking solution for double-decker buses. This innovative platform helps public transportation companies optimize efficiency, ensure safety, and enhance the passenger experience.

The new solution addresses the unique challenges of the transportation industry with comprehensive features tailored to the needs of high-capacity vehicles.

Solution Offers:

Real-time GPS Tracking & Monitoring:

Dispatchers gain real-time visibility into the location and movement of each double-decker bus, ensuring adherence to schedules and prompt passenger service.

Geo-fencing (Geo-Zone):

Citizens can also leverage Trinetra’s open URL-based Fleet Management System (FMS) to track the live location of buses in their city.
For example, a citizen of Tirupati can use Trinetra’s open URL-based FMS to track the location of double-decker buses in real time.

Optimized Route Planning:
Efficiently assign vehicles, plan routes, schedule pickups and drops and minimize fuel costs to streamline operations and boost efficiency, effectively managing tight schedules.

Driver Behavior Monitoring:

Promote safe driving practices and minimize accidents with the system’s ability to track driver behavior, including harsh braking and speeding.

Predictive Maintenance Scheduling:

The solution monitors vehicle performance and automates maintenance schedules, maximizing uptime, reducing repair costs, and ensuring the safety of passengers and drivers.

A double-decker fleet management solution revolutionizes public transportation by streamlining operations, enhancing safety, and improving the passenger experience, paving the way for a more efficient and future-proof system.

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