Enhanced emergency and exception notifications

12 Apr 2018

Every year, thousands of vehicles are caught from Non-parking facilities, this is a great concern for Fleet managers and business owners. What if, an automated surveillance fence is formed around your vehicle and alerts you on the instance to prevent your vehicle from towing? A tow alert is significant for businesses as they immediately inform the user that their vehicle is being pulled. This allows drivers/business owners to immediately respond to the situation and avoid impound bill with additional costs, which can lead to save business costs.

Trinetra’s towing alert notification now provides effortless monitoring of unnecessary vehicle lockups. Also our solution comes with exception and emergency notifications to alert businesses and respond without delays saving business cost and Once alerted, drivers will be in a position to retrieve their vehicles quickly and avoid the accumulation of storage charges.

Choose Trinetra, Get the advantages of vehicle tracking along with emergency and exception notifications. To know more about our latest offerings, stay tuned to our News updates and for further information Feel free to contact us or Enquire us @ info@trinetrawireless.com

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