Get Trip live status with Trinetra Mobile app

14 Mar 2018

Vehicle tracking apps with GPS will be useful for businesses when it comes to monitoring fleet vehicles, such monitoring helps business owners to keep an eye on vehicle and even can take care of their valuable goods or safety of students travelling in school bus etc. Tracking via mobile apps are simply a blessing for those who may not have ready access to a computer while they are trying to keep track of their fleet, vehicles and drivers.  A fleet tracking mobile app can keep you on top of everything that’s on the road or in the field, no matter where you are.

Mobile Applications allow fleet managers to interact with their drivers and field personnel in real time. Trinetra provides robust mobile solutions that can seamlessly integrate with the route plans, collect comprehensive information and enable dispatchers to provide mobile resources with real-time updates. Trip live status updation on the go makes monitoring easier.

With Trinetra app in your hand you can instantly see vehicle location, alerts triggered by customized company rules, and make dynamic decisions due to the real time access and convenience of smartphone.

Get the most out of your vehicles and fleets with Trinetra installed, to know more about our solution offerings and value added features feel free to contact us.

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