Landmark module in Trinetra is now made more informative

Landmark Module In Trinetra Is Now Made More Informative

21 Aug 2017

Trinetra Wireless one of the leading service providers of GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management system has envisioned to provide valuable solutions that caters to all set of industries in real time. Trinetra’s Route Management feature is aligned to assign route map to every vehicle which aids drivers to proceed with the assigned route plans without any deviation, this help fleet owners by reducing fuel and time consumption.

Recently, Trinetra to help customers improved its user experience by introducing Show landmark feature that allow business owners to understand the points of interest that they have created on one screen. This adds more value to Vehicle management and now became more flexible and locate customer place. When it comes to diverse vehicle tracking needs, Landmark module adds show landmark option for the users to view the landmarks which are already created, with a single click.

Now Landmark module is made more informative for the users by differentiating areas with same name

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