Live updates on Vehicle movements

Live Updates On Vehicle Movements

30 Sep 2016

Trinetra wireless next generation web-based GPS-powered platform provides `Real Time Automatic Vehicle Location & Tracking` to assist companies manage their vehicles and assets. Our Fleet Management system help businesses that manage fleets, with real-time visibility of vehicle location, status and diagnostics. On-demand information, activity reports and alerts from Trinetra enable businesses to make timely decisions in order to run the business efficiently.

Trinetra’ s intuitive and cost-effective Vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions provide fleet managers with visibility into vehicle location, speed, mileage, fuel usage and other insights into their vehicles enabling them to reduce operating costs as well as increase in revenue.

Recently Trinetra enhanced its solution offerings with live updates about the vehicle movement in real time. This feature helps user to know each and every update about the vehicle for making quick decisions based on the market demand. In case if a location is being marked as landmarks the same will be highlighted in this feature which will helps the end user for quick analysis, also user can track multiple vehicles and zoom in to each vehicles current location just by a single click. Live tracking data of the vehicles can be exported and saved for future reference in a PDF format

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