No more Idling worries- Fleet monitoring made easy with Trinetra

No More Idling Worries- Fleet Monitoring Made Easy With Trinetra

12 Dec 2017

Idling is something that every driver doesn’t often think about, also it’s a habit that they do unconsciously. In fact, without knowing we are about spending up to 25% of time behind the wheel idling and approximately reduces 17% of business results. Idling directly hits the bottom line of every business.

Idling: facts & Myths

  • Idle reduction is not effective
  • Diesel exhaust doesn’t hurt anyone
  • Truck idling does not waste that much fuel
  • Idling is good for your engine
  • Idling adversely impacts fleet owners by increasing both fuel and maintenance operating expenses
  • Exposure to diesel exhaust could cause risks and severity
  • An hour of idling time consumes about one gallon of diesel fuel

These are just a few, there are lots and lots of myths that every business owner will come across in their daily work schedule. We Trinetra being the industry leader in offering market-ready fleet management, mobility and IoT solutions having great expertise in analyzing businesses and latest methodologies that supports our clients with improved business results.

Having the impact of vehicle idling in mind we are upgrading our app, as an improvement by monitoring idling duration from engine running status which gradually drill downs the idling duration.

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