One stop solution from Trinetra for In-cabin driver violation alerts

17 Sep 2018

In recent times, Fleet managers are looking for ways to reduce traffic violations and make drivers responsible for their actions at work. It’s not just about the cost and the hassle but most especially about the safety.

Trinetra’s GPS device integrated with buzzer alerts supports the client as a one-stop solution to indicate the driver instantly on violations and saves time for the fleet managers. This User friendly approach can be utilized by the end users on enabling/disabling from the portal based on the vulnerable zones.

Real-time alerts for speeding, excessive idling, and harsh braking/accelerating help you keep an eye on your drivers. Aside from lower violation costs and discounts in insurance premiums, the benefits of fleet GPS tracking have great impact on the firm’s customer service, employee performance, and total fleet safety, which are all vital factors in managing successful fleet transactions.

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