School Bus Management App with head count notifications

School Bus Management App with head count notifications

15 Oct 2015

Anxious parents can now stalk their child’s school bus routes through their smart phones. School bus tracking applications are exclusive for child safety. As the app minimize loopholes for miscreants to utilize. This solution enables the school authorities to manage their transport operations efficiently, at the same time provide better peace of mind for the parents.

Trinetra with its years of experience in providing school bus management application updated its native features with head count notifications of the students travelling in the school bus. In our school management mobile application, parents were allowed to upload the profile picture of the student and admin shall send the separate push notification for the parents of every children.

Now, whenever the bus enters or exits the school, Trinetra app send the number of students present inside the bus during the zone reach or exit, this is controlled by the RFID swipes made by every student during their boarding and help stake holders to verify the student’s miss-outs ,ensuring safety of the students.

Our previous school management mobile application is now having the provision to upload the picture of the students; In addition to that admin will have provision to send push notifications to the parents regarding cultural events and any remarks.

Trinetra ensures nothing less than the best performance. Our amazing team of technical experts and provide you with a positive experience unlike ever before. Need a right partner for monitoring your child’s school bus, Feel free to contact us, we assist you with the best solution.

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