Trinetra enhances application security

23 Jul 2018

If safety and security of fleet data is compromised, then fall out of business can be high. Breaching of secured and confidential data can mean business interruption.

Security measures such as passwords are critical when it comes to preventing the unauthorized access of one’s data. In recent days’ the biggest loop-hole that help find ways to hack one’s data is via weak password. Careless use of passwords, however, can be as bad as leaving one’s computing devices unprotected.

Trinetra fleet tracking system and application was developed with security in mind. Our cloud-based software is included with one of the significant authentication method, password authentication to enhance security. Now, Trinetra is on the whole upgraded with security and user-friendliness to track, locate & monitor, accessed from anywhere. With this key improved password strength validation client’s key data can be made secure.

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