Trinetra – Fleet Management Solutions for the fast growing Middle East Market

Trinetra - Fleet Management Solutions for the fast growing Middle East Market

17 Oct 2009

Trinetra, Automatic Vehicle Location and Fleet Management solutions is being introduced at GITEX 2009 Tradeshow, Dubai (18 – 22 October 2009) to cater to the demands for Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management requirements for one of the largest transportation and logistics markets, namely the Middle East and GCC region.

In these belt-tightening times, many organizations are gearing up for efficient ways to manage their services. Trinetra offers holistic fleet management system that can virtualize the monitoring and management of an organization’s fleet. It is an end- to end solution comprising both hardware and software for fleet owners and operators to possess an excellent visibility, control and security in real-time.

Organizations managing and running fleets usually operate on razor thin margins. Profits are heavily dependent on fleet utilization and optimization methodologies. The recession has further depleted the purses of fleet companies, resulting in reduced scale of operations, lower profits and inconsistencies and inefficiencies in processes. Therefore effective monitoring is the key to fleet optimization and can be achieved by a robust fleet management system.

The high demand for our GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management in the Middle East Market is a strong indicator that this reliable Automatic Vehicle Tracking system will be very well received. We wish to thank our clients and partners for their continued support and cooperation.

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