Trinetra GPS tracking software with Multilingual support

Trinetra GPS Tracking Software With Multilingual Support

26 Feb 2015

Trinetra wireless industry leader, trusted and cutting edge GPS Tracking service provider. Our complete range of GPS Vehicle tracking solutionswere precisely managed and conveniently delivered to bestow high-technology solutions for every challenge in Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management by coordinating all centered components. We offer best solutions for your business challenges in Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management by integrating all 3 core elements of AVL solutions namely Location, Tracking & Security.

Trinetra always endeavors to have a positive approach towards accepting the latest of the technologies and creating a feature rich application for its users. The system is globally recognized as a professional solution at international standards. In addition to its new feature integration Trinetra offers its service in user’s local language. Our Current offerings of services were in English, Arabic and Hindi. As we are a customer centric organization, as per our client’s request we can integrate any language into our tracking device to ease use of the product.

Our GPS tracking solutions are proactive in every aspect. Whether you deal with a small or big fleet, Trinetra Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management in a far-reaching way will change the way of doing your business, helping your organization to work brilliantly. This Vehicle Tracking System can be utilized to focus the exact area of a vehicle, individual, or other resource for which it is related and to record the position of the your asset at specific interims.

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