Trinetra Implements comprehensive Tyre Management Solution

Trinetra Implements Comprehensive Tyre Management Solution

5 Jun 2014

For fleet owners who deal with a handful of vehicles, there is nothing wrong in maintaining paper records regarding Tyre expenses. Yet, as the amount of vehicles in a fleet expands, the difficulty of maintaining records is complex. Someone needs to be capable enough in spreadsheet analysis to record all the information and make required calculation to determine the cumulative expenses and considerably the expense for each mile of all Tyres in the fleet. A simple way is to invest in Trinetra – GPS Vehicle tracking & fleet management solution for effective Tyre management.

We’re glad to implement comprehensive Tyre Management solution within Trinetra for making smarter decisions on Tyre management for your fleet, mainly focused at replacing the manual work involved in Tyre maintenance and automating. The use of Trinetra when coupled with proper management practices can significantly cut Tyre costs, decrease vehicle downtime, reduce pollution, saves time and increase vehicle & driver safety, all from a single effort – professional Tyre management

Professionally managing tyres will reduce main expenses and provides numerous benefits!

  • Access to all makes and models of Tyres at competitive prices, cost-effective usage, Tyre Stock and vendor details.
  • An integrated Tyre management facility within Trinetra help users to monitor Tyre tread depths, pre-planning Tyre replacements and spot excessive Tyre wear/damage.
  • Users can then track the complete Tyre history of each vehicle, including tread verses odometer readings, warranty claims, driver abuse and Tyre re-charging on maintenance.
  • Individual guidance from our maintenance expert on practical Tyre selection and replacement.
  • Track the status of Old / Removed/ Re-used Tyres
  • Pro-active reporting to eradicate premature Tyre failure.

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