Trinetra is made flexible to adapt warehouse monitoring

Aug 17 2018

Effective supply chain/warehouse management is becoming a crucial competitive advantage today; there are automated solutions like GPS tracking system supports to manage inventory activities. Businesses and organizations of all sizes need to control, manage, and track inventory details from anywhere at any time. Inventory management has become more crucial for the success and sustainability for businesses that functions on a global scale and cover multiple locations. Manually tracking, counting inventory and to view stock details is nearly impossible as per the today’s set industry standards.

With our inventory management system business intelligent reports will be triggered to notify the user and schedules can be planned for easy accessing and maintain stock for vehicles. Real time updates on location & alerts of vehicle inside the warehouse had improved by Trinetra’s innovative monitoring solutions. Trinetra adapts to innovative warehouse monitoring apart from vehicles through which the inventory management is easily handled for storage. Inventory management system with comprehensive vehicle tracking system gives the complete peace of mind for the stakeholders.

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